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ǸŰ  $49
ǰڵ  SML601

SML601          Isomil  Advance Powder W/ DHA and ARA (36 oz.)

PRICE : $49.00                      

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Every baby experiences fussiness, gas and spit-up sometimes, but for some it is a common occurrence and could indicate a need to change formulas. When you think your baby needs to switch, instead of trying numerous formulas for a solution, Isomil Advance may be the answer.

Symptoms such as excessive fussiness, gas or spit-up may be a sign of sensitivity to milk-based formulas. For common problems like these, doctors often recommend a soy formula, such as Isomil Advance. It's milk-free and lactose-free and provides excellent growth and nutrition throughout the first year of life.

Directions for Preparation & Use
Your babys health depends on carefully following these easy directions.  Ask your baby's doctor about the need to boil (sterilize) water for formula and bottle preparations. 

Wash your hands, surfaces and utensils

Pour desired amount of  water into bottle clean bottle. (see chart below)

Add powder.

Cap bottle; shake very well: attach nipple.

After feeding,  throw away any formula remaining in bottle.

To Make Approx.
2 oz bottle: 2 fl oz water, 1 unpacked level scoop powder (8.7g)
4 oz bottle: 4 fl oz water, 2 unpacked level scoops powder
6 oz bottle: 6 fl oz water, 3 unpacked level scoops powder
8 oz bottle: 8 fl oz water, 4 unpacked level scoops powder

To make a larger amount of formula using a standard measuring cup, add 1 unpacked, level cup (NOT the enclosed scoop) of powder (100g) to 23 fl oz of water. Yields approximately 26 fl oz of formula. To maintain freshness, pour prepared formula into individual feeding bottles, cap and store in refrigerator. Prepared formula should not be left unrefrigerated.

When mixed as directed, the contents of this can (1.02 kg of powder) will make approximately 262 fl oz of formula.

Storage: Store unopened cans at room temperature; avoid extreme temperatures. Immediately store prepared individual feeding bottles in refrigerator and use within 48 hours. Cover opened can and store in a cool, dry area (not refrigerator). Use contents within 1 month.

Warning:  Never use a microwave oven to warm formula. Serious burns can result.

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