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Colon Pure Unflavor ( û) 19 oz.
ǸŰ  $28
ǰڵ  AGM516

AGM516    Colon Pure Unflavor ( û)   19 oz.

PRICE : $28.00              


Colon Pure purified psyllium husk ֽϴ.

Psyllium Husks/Seeds ( ) - ؼ/ؼ . /ȭ ϰ ϰ 躯 ڿ ݴϴ.

ȭۿ뿡 Ź ָ鼭 ȿ ü 󹰰 ݴϴ.

ô : Ϸ翡 1~3 Ļ Ǵ Ŀ8 oz. , , 꽺 ῡ 1 ƼǬ Colon Pure ְ ʽÿ.

߰ Ḧ ŵ ϴ.

Purified Psyllium Husk

For relief of occasional constipation (irregularity). This product generally produces bowel movements in 12 to 72 hours. Several days may be needed to establish regularity. Daily consumption of dietary fiber can offer many health benefits and plays a crucial role in promoting the health of the colon. Dietary fiber provides bulk, eases passage and helps to speed transit time through the digestive tract. It also aids in glucose absorption and may promote healthy cholesterol levels. Experts in the field of health and nutrition agree that adults should consume 25 to 35 grams of dietary fiber every day to maintain good health.

Fill an 8 oz. glass with cool water, milk, fruit juice or other liquid. Taking this product without enough liquid may cause choking (see warning). Sprinkle one rounded teaspoonful of powder into the liquid. Stir rapidly and drink immediately. An additional glass of liquid is helpful. USUAL ADULT DOSAGE: One rounded teaspoonful one to three times daily before or after meals, at bedtime or as directed by your healthcare provider. CHILDREN 6 to 12 YEARS OF AGE: Half the adult dose or less than 8 fl oz. of liquid as directed by your healthcare provider. CHILDREN UNDER 6 YEARS OF AGE: Consult your healthcare provider.

Serving Size  1 rounded teaspoon(s)

Servings Per Container  90

Other Ingredients:  Psyllium Seed Husks

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