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L-Calcium (Balls) 130g
ǸŰ  $88
ǰڵ  UK502

Umeken Mineral L-Calcium (Balls) 130g (1,300)

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Fermented L-type Calcium + Enriched Magnesium + Vitamin K2

Fermented L-type Calcium + Enriched Magnesium + Vitamin K2
Mineral L-Calcium (Balls)

Many of us do not ingest the recommended amounts of calcium from food. Therefore, calcium supplements are needed in addition to our diet, especially young children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and middle age to elderly men and women whose calcium absorbtion levels in their body decrease as they get older. Umekens L-Calcium is easily absorbed by our body because of its unique water solublility and therefore especially good for bone health.

Umekens Mineral L-Calciums unique features:
1. Mineral L-Calcium is extracted from fermented natural sugar beets and absorbtion level is faster than any other type of calcium supplements. (3800 times better absorbtion rate than your Calcium phosphate, usually extracted from animal bones and 6800 times better absorbtion rate than Calcium carbonate, usually extracted from crustacean.)
2. Mineral L-Calcium is water soluble and easily ionized, therefore safe for those with indigestion, ulcers, constipation, etc.
3. Contains more enriched Magnesium and minerals than other calcium supplements.
4. Contains 84 different essential minerals and Vitamin K2, known to prevent osteoporosis.

Paradox of Calcium Consumption

If our calcium intake is low or ingested calcium is poorly absorbed  Then our body retrieves the needed calcium by breaking down our bones for its stored calcium  Our bones and even our teeth become weaker and more fragile  Calcium extracted from our bones can cause serious health risks.

Calcium is especially needed for young children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and elderly men and women.

Take 10-20 balls anytime during the day.

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